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this is a boy. he Loves to live, and he lives to Love. he sees the world through his heart and is the best friend you could ever have. make him part of your life for only 10$ and you'll never regret it.

this is a girl. she Loves to live, and lives to Love. she likes meeting new people and sharing her life, and the Love she has for living it. become part of her life for 10$

[Love square]
this square is a symbol of Love. its a square because just like the word Love has four letters a square has four sides, and it is intended to show that Love can come in many different forms. Furthermore, it asks the question "what does Love mean to you?". is it just a symbol and a holiday or something much more? hopefully more. buy this plush toy and show the world what Love means to you for only 5$

[all plush toys are hand made by me. the boy and girl are posable and a lot of fun to play with :), and they all make great desk ornaments. you can buy them individually or all three together for 20$ (a net savings of 5 whole dollars!!!) it will take me about 5 days at the most to make them before i ship them. Thank you :)
LNF <3]